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Routeco Retail Park

Project Information

The proposed development of retail warehousing capable of flexible subdivision into a number of units has been designed to integrate with the existing retail buildings on the immediate site in terms of massing, materiality and form while each having a strong identity of its own, with feature entrances matching the existing retail buildings being emphasised. It is believed this integration of the development will enhance the local area and provide cohesion with the remaining buildings on and around the Routeco Retail Park. Particular design emphasis has been placed upon high energy efficiency and sustainability of the design with the proposed development achieving an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating at design stage which joins a small minority of retail warehouse units to achieve this rating in Milton Keynes.

For further information on this project contact Commercial Director:
Calum Wilson - Email: c.wilson@woodshardwick.com

Critical Data

  • Client: Routeco Properties Ltd
  • Occupier: Speculative
  • Location: Milton Keynes
  • Type: Retail Warehouse
  • Size: 1,930m sq
  • Value: £2m