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Jilin Province Library and Changchun City Exhibition Hall

Project Information

The design approach is to create a cohesive group of buildings which reflect the local character of the city and the region engendering a sense of civic pride in the citizens and impressing the visitor. The exhibition hall occupies the eastern part of the site completing the composition of important public buildings on adjacent blocks. Conceptually the building plan is based upon the dynamic form of a nautilus shell 'capturing' and captivating visitors as they are drawn into the inner spaces spiralling up the building on the grand staircase, leading visitors to each of the exhibition floors. The library design is conceived as an 'ark of knowledge' - a 'ship' bringing enlightenment to the people.

For further information on this project contact:
Email:Andrew Pollendine a.pollendine@wh-international.com

Critical Data

  • Client: Jilin Province and Changchun City Bureau of Urban Planning
  • Occupier: Jilin Province and Changchun City Bureau of Urban Planning
  • Location: China
  • Type: International Competition
  • Size: 110,000m sq