Better work-life balance for the new world of work

As the world starts to open up and almost all legal restrictions are lifted, we are working with our employees to establish what our new working world should look like.

Looking ahead, our offices will be re-opening on Monday 16 August, and in preparation, the Woods Hardwick Directors have been working with employees to evaluate what has worked well over the last year. Better work-life balance, flexibility and increased productivity have all been cited as key plus points from home working. Yet there have also been some disadvantages, with people missing the professional and social team dynamics, and the much needed opportunities for training, mentoring and sharing of ideas.

So with this in mind, the aim is to strike a balance for employees and for our clients. Our new home working policy will allow people to work from home up to 2 days a week. We have also implemented a ‘Dress for Your Day’ policy. While client meetings naturally require more formal business wear, its not always the most comfortable and so on the days when in the office with no external meetings, a more casual dress is allowed – within reason! 

While the last 18 months have been hard on so many, we want to ensure that the new working landscape is welcoming, flexible and productive – and sociable….because we have really missed seeing all our clients and colleagues in person!

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