Harrow Yard

Harrow Yard is a long narrow site, previously used for commercial purposes. Located on the edge of the town centre and within the town’s Conservation Area, there were a number of design challenges, not least the need to achieve a high standard of design to make a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the historic Akeman Street.

The site’s Akeman Street frontage is bounded by a listed Methodist Church and two listed obeli to the north, and a listed cottage to the south. Our architects had to consider the most appropriate way to relate the new development with these existing listed structures.

This challenge was made all the more interesting due to the differences in the set back distances between the Methodist Church, which has a deep set back from Akeman Street, and the cottage, which sits on the back edge of the pavement.

The layout of the development was dictated by the site’s shape, with buildings extending with the depth of the site, reflecting the traditional pattern of development in similar sites in Tring. The frontage dwelling created a comfortable linking element between the different set back distances of the listed buildings to either side.


Harrow Yard, Tring


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