Clements Hall Way, Hawkwell

The site is located to the south west of Hockley, set centrally in the Parish of Hawkwell, Essex. In designing the site, we had to design around a complex set of constraints – an irregular shape, existing land uses, existing Public Right of Way, major gas pipeline and existing landscape features.

The overarching design philosophy was to create a formal and informal urban hierarchy of two separately accessed site areas, linked by a large central area of public open space. The formal section to the west formed part of an extension to Hawkwell, using a central tree lined boulevard that intersected with the existing Public Right of Way, creating a focal square.

To the east, a more organic form of development was designed to interact closely with the existing urban grain and semi rural form. A series of public and local consultation events were held together with the District Council, where we worked together to enhance the development and incorporate the needs of those close to the site.


Rectory Road/Clements Hall Way, Hawkwell


David Wilson, Homes Eastern