The Grapes, London Borough of Sutton

Upgrade and preservation of existing public house and provision of inner-city residential units in the London Borough of Sutton

Our Architects were commissioned to undertake the upgrade and preservation of the existing unoccupied Grapes public house and providing a mix of inner-city residential units in the London Borough of Sutton.

The proposed development will restore the existing original 19th century part of the building whilst constructing an extension adjacent for residential use.

Within the existing Grapes building, commercial space on the ground floor will be restored in order to retain its use as a pub, with the floors above being divided into a mix of apartment sizes.

The design provides clear and logical apartment layouts, with the aim of formulating the building’s residential appeal and creating living spaces that are easy to use, meeting the provisions set out in the London Plan.




The Grapes, LB Sutton