The MAINE, Mayfair

One of our finest projects of 2021 is arguably one of the biggest restaurant openings in the last few years: The MAINE, Mayfair.

The MAINE is the revival of a historical townhouse, former headquarters of Knight Frank, in the heart of Mayfair. As Canadian restaurateur and founder, Joey Ghazal, explains:

“The MAINE blends old world elegance, a New England extravagance and subterranean decadence.”

Breathing fresh life into Mayfair, grafting the present onto the past, with a blend of period fidelity and contemporary gloss. Joey Ghazal, together with London-based designers, Brady Williams, supported by Woods Hardwick in our role as Executive Architects and Planners, have conceived an immersive townhouse experience – divided across three levels with five distinct rooms and a 350 seat capacity. There are even hidden gardens, reimagined from the original stables that backed onto Dering Yard, now named Medici Courtyard.

Completing in November, and with a celebrity guest list like no other, Woods Hardwick is delighted to have played a role in delivering this opulent delight in the centre of Mayfair.





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