Located on the edge of the green belt in the picturesque village of Whittlesford and adjacent to the railway station, Woods Hardwick has been involved with pre-planning discussions for the development of 170 units plus ground floor commercial units, all set in blocks no taller than three storeys.

A mixed-use scheme, it has been designed to meet the housing needs of younger people, in a sustainable location. It has excellent rail access to the employment centres of Cambridge and London.

The proposal takes a brownfield site and works with the topography to produce a development that minimises the wider visual impact. Through an innovative approach to parking, hidden from view under landscaped podiums, and the inclusion of attractive and accessible communal spaces, the scheme significantly enhances the site and surrounding area

The transition between the urban edge and retrial areas will be fundamental to the success of the development. This is to be achieved through a number of layers of landscaping – a meadow trail running around the perimeter, opening out occasionally to small courtyard gardens which also provides access up to the landscaped podium terraces.


Whittlesford, South Cambridge


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