Architecture team support major transformation of Hammersmith’s Kings Mall Shopping Centre

Following their purchase of the Kings Mall shopping centre in 2015, building owners Schroders put in place several construction phases to modernise and improve the retail presence of the Hammersmith shopping centre.

Woods Hardwick was appointed by project managers, MHBC Cumming, to provide the construction information to implement several separate construction phases.

Our team of architects worked with contractors HA Marks to refurbish the internal shopping arcade, with new internal shop fronts and the external cladding in line with the planning approved drawings. Drawing on our retail knowledge to rediscover and revitalise the original Richard Seifert designed brutalist structure, we sought to bring a contemporary relevance to both its exterior and interior. One major change to the original planning application proposals was for the external cladding panel, originally specified as Trespa but changed to the Rockpanel following a review after Grenfell.

The project was delivered successfully, constructed by HA Marks, project managed by MHBC with construction information from Woods Hardwick.

Kings Mall has been transformed to provide a more vibrant and inviting retail experience included new double-height shop frontages, together with various retail space refurbishments and remodelled central malls. A further phase followed for the conversion of one of the main shopping units into a new Lidl supermarket. Our architects provided the construction information for the completion of the project, which opened on 11th March 2021. Schroders have since sold the shopping centre to Ikea who are currently carrying out further works including the creation of an inner city Ikea store.