Creating industry guidance for Blue Roofs – with your help!

We are proud to announce that Woods Hardwick has been appointed as the preferred contractor to lead a highly experienced team for a construction industry research project on Blue Roofs.

Together with CIRIA – the construction industry research and information association – we will be producing guidance on the delivery of blue roofs for built environment professionals. The purpose of the guidance is to provide confidence to those that plan, design, approve and deliver blue roofs.

A blue roof is designed to allow attenuation and management of rainfall, managing water at its source. They are becoming a common approach to deliver SuDS and to manage local flood risk, particularly in dense urban environments. Despite their popularity there is a lack of high quality, independent guidance on their planning, design, construction, evaluation and maintenance.

The first step along this journey is to a conduct a survey – and for this we need your help! To ensure the guidance meets the industry’s needs the team has developed a short survey to help identify critical features in blue roof design, challenges and opportunities for delivery, and case studies of blue roofs. 

The survey, open until 22 May, should take no more than 15 minutes.  If you would like further information please follow this link to a summary of the project specification. All responses will be treated anonymously. However, if possible, please share your contact details so we can follow up potential case studies.

We are excited to start this collaboration, providing authoritative guidance and helping to solve a fundamental industry challenge.