Future proofing house types for optimum design and efficiency

Working with house builders across the UK, our Technical Drawings team reflects the magic words that every house builder needs – speedy, competitive and energy efficient!

With the changes to Building Regulations, and the Government’s Future Homes Standard aiming to radically improve energy performance of new homes, we understand the importance of ensuring every house type meets these new standards.

Delivering everything from unique complex one-off dwellings to large scale bespoke and portfolio-led developments, we take many of the developments we work on right through to construction. Through the production of clear and concise detailed architectural drawings and specifications, this can be used for accurate pricing and by the construction team.

Future proofing house types

In just four years, new housing must produce 75-80 per cent less carbon emissions than allowed under the current regulations. As a first step, from 2021 all new homes will be expected to produce 31 per cent lower carbon emissions as part of an ‘interim uplift’ in Part L standards. This means major change for the industry and we are here to support you.

We can work with your energy consultants to help design cost effective buildings to meet your performance requirements and to future proof standard house type ranges. To be compliant, developers instructing designs now must be building them by June 2022. As such, larger developments must consider adopting some of these standards as early as possible to limit their expenditure on design fees in the future.

Head of our Technical Drawings team, Chris How, explains:

“Through efficient design, we can anticipate the changes to regulations that may come in the future and incorporate options into our designs now, so you don’t have to spend money on redesigns in the future.”

Changes to Building Regulations 

Our team has worked closely with Focus-Consultants to gain up-to-date knowledge of current and future building regulations including:

  • Fabric amendments to part L 2021
  • Future Homes Standard 2025
  • Upcoming Approved Document X

Here are just some of the other reasons to work with us!

Our job is to future proof a house builder’s house types to ensure optimum design and energy efficiency.

  • Customisable scope of works from building notice plans to full working drawings
  • Management of consultant team, including engineers, cladding consultants, window manufacturers, M&E consultants and timber frame fabricators
  • Extensive knowledge of various forms of construction including traditional masonry, timber frame, steel/hybrid frame
  • Coordination of legislative bodies including Building Control and Conservation
  • Experience of Grade I and II listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas
  • Experience of new build including current and future building regulations
  • Experience of Modern thatched buildings and the Dorset model/fire regulations
  • Experience of providing new or updated standard house type ranges

Discuss your project with us now: contact Chris How – c.how@woodshardwick.com



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