Milton Keynes Land Availability Assessment and Call for Sites

Milton Keynes Council is updating their evidence base to inform the preparation of a new local plan for development through to 2050.  A key part of this is a Land Availability Assessment (LAA) which includes land available within the Borough and which will inform a future site selection process to identify land allocations to meet needs for the plan.  The LAA will cover all land uses, including housing and employment.

In preparing the LAA, the Council has produced a draft methodology which sets out how they intend to carry out the LAA and the process for identifying sites and assessing each site.  An eight week consultation has started on this methodology, with the deadline for submissions, 5pm on Wednesday 20th April.

Alongside the consultation on the LAA, the Council are undertaking a ‘Call for Sites’ to invite the submission of sites to be included in the LAA.  If you have a site that you are wishing to promote for development this is the time to take this forward and formally submit it to the Council. 5pm on Wednesday 20th April.

Woods Hardwick’s Planning team is well placed to assist and if you would like to discuss this further then please get in touch with Richard Murdock.